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Fr Rui Menezes sj [ 75/57]

FR. RUI DE MENEZES S. J. (75/57)


Born at Cansaulim on 24/12/1939

Secondary education: St Paul’s, Belgaum

Entered SJ 1/07/1957 at Vinayalaya

Philosphy at Pune 1962-1965

Theology at Innsbruck 1966-1970 (PhD 1970-1971)

Ordained priest on 31/08/1969 in Switzerland

Diploma in Modern Hebrew: in Jerusalem 1974-1975

Licentiate in S. Script Rome 1975-1976


Fr Rui de Menezes is no longer with us: he returned to the Father early morning on

Saturday 22 March. The news reached us at the beginning of the Community Mass in which

the Gospel relating the parable of the Prodigal Son was proclaimed. Indeed there must

have been a great welcoming celebration in Heaven with his near and dear ones around,

especially with his elder brother Fr Celso SJ who died in 1968 following a tragic road

accident not far from De Nobili College, Pune, where Rui spent most of his life. Fr Rui’s

departure was so very quick, ever since colorectal cancer (also known as colon cancer)

was detected in November 2013. whilst teaching a course in Bangalore. He underwent

surgery on November 14th

appeared that things were under control until further complications set in and he had to be

removed to Nirmala Nagar Hospital where in spite of the loving care of Charles Borromeo

Sisters his internal system gave in and he departed to the Lord.

 Born in Cansaulim Goa in 1939, Rui did secondary school at St. Paul’s Belgaum,

and joined the Society in 1957. He had a brilliant academic career beyond the regular

priestly studies: a Doctorate in Theology in Innsbruck (Austria), Licentiate in S. Scripture in

Rome and Diploma in Modern Hebrew in Jerusalem.

His life as a Jesuit was characterised by distinguished academic service and by the

teaching of generations of students at the Pontifical Athenaeum, Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth,

Pune, where he taught from 1979 until his retirement in 2004. He was also visiting professor

in many seminaries like the Morning Star College, Barrakpore in West Bengal, Vidya Jyoti,

Delhi, St Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore, and the Pilar Seminary, Pilar Goa, Rachol

Seminary Goa and lectured regularly in the Archdiocesan Seminary San Luis Potosi in

Mexico, in Spanish naturally! He could speak besides in French, German, Italian,

Portuguese, Latin, English, Marathi and Konkani. In Pune he was at various times Dean of

Theological Studies, Rector Magnificus of the Athenaeum and Rector of De Nobili College

and showed himself as an effective fund raiser for the various construction and

maintenance projects that he undertook.

Fr Rui has done us Goa Jesuits proud by contributing so diligently to the formation

and education not only of the Jesuits of the Assistancy but also numerous Diocesan

Seminarians and other Religious women and men. He was truly an academician with a

heart of a pastor. As such he cared for the poor as well as for those with means but not

much else. His friendly ways and passion for life attracted many to his circle of friends.

, 2013 and then followed slow recovery at St Paul’s Belgaum. It

We the Goa Jesuits thank God for the marvels He wrought in his life and for the

marvels he wrought in the lives of many people, especially the many hundreds of students.

May God grant him eternal joy and peace. R.I.P
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