Friday, May 27, 2011

ડાંગી ભાષાનું વ્યાકરણ by રેમન્ડ એ. ચૌહાણ sj

Fr Raymund with the book
 ડાંગી ભાષાનું વ્યાકરણ - by રેમન્ડ એ. ચૌહાણ sj
is ready for release. This 536 page book is the fruit of years of study / research and computer work by the author who stays in the midst of the Dangi people in Shamgahan, a few kilometers blow the Hill station Saputara.
The book is more than a dictionary. It has a lot of information about the Dangi Tribals, their culture and the Dangs District.  We may call it Dangi "Vishwakosh" [ Encyclopedia ]. His love for the Dangi people is shown by the Dedication of the book to them!
The book will be released on 26th June 2011 at Shamgahan at 10 am.
Cover page of the book

Fr Raymund Chauhan S.J.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Photography - tutorials

The staff at Gurjarvani has returned from Vadodara after conducting a 15 days media training. I found that we cannot give anything substantial in 15 days. So I am collecting tutorials on photography and posting them on my personal blog.
I invite any one interested in training oneself in photography can use the tutorials. They are well done.

Devasia M

Photos - Media training by Waves

 Media training by Waves.
Visit to the school for the children of Migrant workers at Kathamba near Vadodara.. Fr jolly explains the activities at Kathamba.

Around the Holy Shrine of the Mother of the forsaken, the group gathered for this creative activities.

Jeevan Darshan - the media training was conducted in this place
At Katamba : Study tour.

Media Training concluded at Vadodara

Media training by Waves came to an end on 21st morning with the projection of the video productions on a large screen. 

31 participants took part in the 15 days video production from 7th May to 21st May 2011at Jeevan darshan Vadodara. 
Fr Ashok Vaghela Director Gurjarvani was the main organizer with Jothi Xavier of Ashadeep, and Ratilal Jadav, Pratikraj, Ronak and Grena and Devasia M. being part of the training staff.
Fr Geo George from Indore gave a very inspiring talk on being different creative in the media. Sachin Desai a well known Editor and producer of movies in gujarat, gave a presentation on creative editing of movies on computer.
Photos and more news will be posted soon.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gujarat Jesuits Sammelan 2011-3

28th morning at the Loyola hall Auditorium for the first session.
 More photos of the Gujarat Jesuits sammelan 2011. The highest number of participants  was  on the first day. When the curtain was opened the tree on the Sammelan emblem was without leaves. The leaves were added by several representatives from different sections of Gujarat Province.
devasia m
Fr Pariza [ oldest in the province] adding a leaf to the tree on the sammelan emblem

Bro Malcolm adding a leaf ...