Setul Gamit - Gurjarvani Recordist
 Amidhara and Swagatham are the latest  Audio albums from Gurjarvani in 2012. Thanks for your encouragement to go ahead in our effort to offer some spiritual experience through these devotional songs in Gujarati.
Please tell us what you feel about the songs.
News of these are on our regular posts. Devasia M

 The latest CD from Gurjarvani is "Rankar" non stop Garba for Christmas season.

Our Audio section is very active with a number of productions in the recent months. Setul Gamit who is our present recordist is an expert in computers as well as recording skills.
He is also a good musician.
Shaji- Director Audio Section
Zhankhana is our latest major production with songs written and tunes composed by Raymund Chauhan sj.
Prakash Peters from Bombay has arranged the music for the final recording done partly in Gurjarvani studios and partly in Bombay. 
You can hear these songs from our webradio and podcast services.
Shaji T. sj is the coordinator/director of the complete audio section of Gurjarvani.
An audio production for remembering our departed sisters and brothers is being scripted.
Recording started from Oct 28 2010.
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