Monday, January 24, 2011

"DOOT" centenary celbrations, 23rd Jan Sun, 2011 Anand, India

 The celebration started with a "Samaiyu" in the traditional Gujarati manner through the Gamdi village road to the St Xavier's School campus at 1.30 pm with four Dharmadhyksho of Gujarat and a large group of people who attended the function.
After the Paramyagna the entertainment and felicitation of some of those innumerable people who served the publication of Doot started at 4.30 pm.
There were wonderful dances by groups from different parts of Gujarat.

"DOOT" centenary celebrations, Anand, India - Concluded

The celebrations were grand with a large gathering of estimated 5000 or more from all over Gujarat. The Four Bishops of Gujarat  attended the function. The Doot documentary was not shown due to technical difficulties.
Please watch it on this site, in the previous post.
Photos and news will be posted soon.
The live web-cast Started off well but was disrupted after some time due to technical difficulties.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

DOOT celebrations will be live Netcast on BBN

" DOOT celebration will be live Netcast on BBN 23-01-2011 at 2:00 pm (Indian Time) till the celebration gets over. Please pass the word to all Gujaratis and DOOT lovers"

c/o BBN 

Monday, January 17, 2011

DOOT Postage stamp presented to the Governor of Gujarat. [ Video ]

Postal stamp on Doot released- news c/o CathNews India

Postal stamp on Doot released

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Postal stamp on Doot released thumbnail

The Indian Postal department has released a commemorative postage stamp on Gujarati magazine Doot, which is published by the Catholic Church since 1911.
The stamp was released on Jan. 15 in Ahmedabad.
The magazine, which has completed a centenary of uninterrupted publication, has contributed in bringing many words spoken in Central Gujarat to the main stream and to Gujarati dictionary.
Jesuit Father Herman Zurhansen of Germany started the magazine in Gujarati with only 12 pages. The first issue came out in January 1911 and was printed at the Examiner Press, Mumbai.
It was initially named as “Ati Pavitra Antakaranno Doot” (Messenger of the Sacred Heart) which was in 2000 shortened to the present name- Doot.
Editors from different countries such as Switzerland, Spain and Germany took charge of the magazine during its last 100 years.
Jesuit Father Basil Lala Parmar was the first Indian editor of the magazine from February 1956 to June 1969.
The magazine has also earned the unique distinction of being the second Gujarati magazine to complete a centenary of uninterrupted publication after Gujarat Vidyasabha’s 155-year-old magazine “Buddhiprakas.”
Source: PIB Press Release

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"DOOT" Postage Stamp released on 15th Jan 2011- Video

"DOOT" Postage Stamp was released on 15th Jan 2011 at Loyola Hall Auditorium at 4 pm by Smt. Humera Ahmed, Chief Post Master General of Gujarat, India

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"DOOT" Postage Stamp released on 15th Jan 2011

The "DOOT" Centenary Postage Stamp was released by Smt. Humera Ahmed, Chief Post Master General of Gujarat, at the Loyola Golden Jubilee Auditorium, Memnagar Road, Ahmedabad, India.
Rev Thomas Bishop of Ahmedabad  gave his blessings for the next 100 years of DOOT and thanked all those concerned in bringing out the stamp before the grand concluding celebrations of the centenary at Anand on 23 rd Jan 2011

Smt Humera Ahmed and Fr Cedric Prakash

Friday, January 14, 2011

"DOOT" Postage Stamp to be released

All are invited
for the Doot centenary Postage stamp Release function at Loyola Hall
on 15th Jan 2011, at 4.00 pm 
at the Golden jubilee Auditorium, Ahmedabad, India

"DOOT" centenary celebrations, Anand, India - INVITATION

 Here are the two large banners prepared for the DOOT centenary celebrations which are going to be celebrated at St Xavier's School, Anand, Gujarat, India, on 23rd Jan 2011. See the details on the Banner.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Katamba Farm, Vadodara

Children of the school ready to go home after the school.
 Children of migrant workers from Vadodara, Gujarat,India are educated in a school run by the Jesuits at Katamba Farm.
Fr jolly Nadukudiyil sj is in charge of the farm and the school. Rickshaws bring the students from the city to the school every day. It is a great service done to these children who otherwise would remain uneducated for life. The farm received water from the Narmada River project of the government and is transformed in a few years into a lovely garden with large fish ponds and green trees. Jepasa [ Jesuits in Pastoral Apostolate ] members who met at Jeevandarshan,Vadodara for a sharing visited the farm on 18th Dec 2010 and spend a lovely evening there.
Fr Jolly showing  the farm to some Jesuits  who visited on 18th Dec 2010

The farm in now full of trees and beautiful paths.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fr Ashwin SDB - Ordination

Fr. Ashwin SDB is a Gujarati from Nadiad Premal Jyoti Society. He was born on 1st April 1979. His father is Simonbhai [ Manilal] Dhanji Macwan and Mother is Mariamben. After he passed 10th class he chose to follow Christ and joined Don Bosco Order in 1995. After the long studies he was ordained as a Don Bosco priest at St.Mary's School,Nadiad by Rev. Bishop Thomas Macwan on 27th Dec 2010 at 3.00 pm

Rev. Bishop Thomas Macwan Ahmedabad Dio. and Don Bosco Provincial Fr. Michael Fernadise SDB and SDB fathers and priests from other Orders and a lot many people flocked in procession from Santram to St. Mary's School. With a beautiful dance all the Don Bosco and priests from other Orders followed for ordination Mass

Gurjarvani Parivar wishes Fr Aashwin SDB a Very fruitful service of the people wherever he is appointed to work.

News c/o BBN

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ordination of Fr Cyprian Monis sj - Gujarat Province.

First Mass

      Cyprian Monis writes from Zankhvav, Gujarat,India

i was ordained on the 27th December 2010, at Aloysius college Mangalore. there were two more Jesuits of the karnataka province. Fr. Prashant, the pre-novitiate director, had well prepared us for the day. the ordination ceremony was very solemn and devotional. the devotional atmosphere filled new enthusiasm and spirit in me and i did feel the presence of Christ himself placing his hands over me. i believe, other too, including the congregation, had similar experience. i was extremely happy to see my Jesuit brothers who took trouble to come over there and take various responsibility. thank you very much dear Frs.!
Fr Cyprian Monis with relatives
next day, i celebrated my thanksgiving mass. i thanked my mother, brothers and sisters and all the dear and near once for all that they did to me. we had an hour of stage program and a delicious meal for the congregation.
at the end, i am glad to say that, all that began well ended well. i thank the provincial, socius and especially the benefactors who made this day a memorable one for me and my family. i also thank all my well wishers for remembering me and praying for me on 27th. December, 2010. i wish you one and all a joyful new year and promise that you are remembered in my prayers always.
thank you very much
in Christ Jesus
your brother
Fr. Cyprian Monis sj

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tribal Cultural Festival Songadh Dec 2010

Entrance to the place of celebration at Shahkti, Songadh.
An estimated 7000 Tribals gathered for the annual festival at Shakti - Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre. Songadh, Gujarat state, India, on 18th Dec 2010 from 2 pm to 6.30 am 19th.
This year being a National event there were tribal groups from Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Orisa, Tamil Nadu etc.
A group comes up playing their instruments.

Group from Andhra Pradesh

A Tribal playing the flute with his nose.
Tribal dresses according to different tribes were presented.

One of the Tribal dresses speaking to the audience.

New year celebration at Gurjarvani

Kaushik and group
 New year 2011 was celebrated with all our artists and friends who collaborate with us, in our audio and video productions for many years. The function was kept at Gurjarvani garden from 4 - 6 pm on 1st Jan 2011. Kaushik Engineer and team sang some of our best Christmas songs with even better rendition and variations with their onstage creativity. Some traditional Gujarati songs added to the color of the performance in the evening.