Monday, July 30, 2012

Swagatham સ્વાગતમ audio Album released

 સ્વાગતમ the latest Audio Album from, Gurjarvani was released at Vyara by Bishop Godfrey de Rozario S.J. at a gathering of South Gujarat Church on 26th July 2012.
The lyrics and tunes are by Raymund Chauhan sj from Shangahan, and the music was arranged by Appu, and recorded at Disha Studio, Thaltej. Shailendra Bharati is the main male singer from Bombay and Darshana Thakar sang most of the female voice songs. Appu and Suchita has sung two songs in the Album.
Fr Varghese Paul's  નવું જીવન નવી દ્રષ્ટિ a book of essays also was released at the function.

Bishop Godfrey releasing નવું જીવન નવી દ્રષ્ટિ Fr Varghese Paul on the right.

Distribution of the Gurjarvani productions at Vyara

Fr Raymund Chauhan sj

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fr . Anil Lucas Macwan

Fr Anil Lucas in Khambhat.

Fr . Anil Lucas Macwan (GUJ) 54/34 expired this evening around 9.30p.m ( 22- 07-2012 ) in Nadiad Heart Hospital. He had a severe heart attack  and he died in the Hospital.

The funeral will be held at 4.00p.m in Anand Catholic Church  on Monday (23-07-2012).
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

Personal Information:
Name :
Date of Birth: 05- 01 1958
Entrance in the Society: 30 -07- 1978
Final Vows:  31- 01-1999
Priesthood: 29-04-1989
Died : 22-07-2012

Responsibilities Held:
Pastoral Year: Dediapada& Bharuch -1986
Teacher: Gandhinagar- 1990-1991
Teacher, &Principal: Zankhvav- 1991-1997
Principal: St.Joseph, Baroda: 1997-2000
Principal : Dhandhuka   2000- 2002
Principal: St.Xavier’s Khambhat- 2002-2009
Principal: Sagbara- 2009- 2012

Man of Hard work, Sincerity, sensitivity and Love:

Fr.Anil Lucas Macwan had been a person committed to God in a very personal way. In fact from very early days, as early as his school days, he had an ardent desire to commit himself to God totally. Motivated by this desire, he joined the apostolic school at Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad. His commitment to God found expression in his love for the person of Jesus. His readiness to work for the downtrodden was something remarkable. When he was at Zankhvav, he devoted himself to the cause of the tribal upliftment in terms of providing them with the best formal education possible.

He had been able to interact with people of all kinds at various places such as Baroda, Khambhat, Dhandhuka and Sagbara. With firmness of mind and love in his heart he had been able to deal with them positively. And he had been able to stand up to the values of hard work, sincerity, sensitivity and love.

મૂળ વલાસણના ફા.અનિલ લુકાસ મેકવાન હમણાં કલાક પહેલા જ પ્રભુને પ્યારા થઇ ગયા છે. ગઈ કાલે સવારે તેમને હ્રદયરોગનો ભારે હુમલો થયો હતો. આજે નડીયાદ કાર્ડિઆક હોસ્પિટલ માં તેઓએ અંતિમ શ્વાસ લીધા. ફાધરે ગુજરાતભરમાં વડોદરા, ખંભાત, ધંધુકા, સાગબારા જેવી અલગ અલગ સ્કૂલોમાં શિક્ષક અને આચાર્ય તરીકે સેવા આપી છે. પ્રભુ તેમના આત્માને પરમ શાંતિ બક્ષે.

ફાધર અનિલની દફનવિધિ આવતીકાલે સોમવાર, જુલાઈ ૨૩ તારીખે બપોરે ૪ વાગે કેથોલિક ચર્ચ આણંદ ખાતે રાખવામાં આવી છે.

[ c/o Jagdish Christian ]

સમાચાર – સુનિતા પરમાર, કરમસદ અને શ્વેતા વાઘેલા, ગાંધીનગર

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brother Wekesha Cleopas sj from East Africa.

Cleopas makes his commitment
 Brother Wekesha Cleopas sj from East Africa committed himself to serving people as his own brothers and sisters anywhere in the world, as a member of the Society of Jesus at Premal Jyoti, Ahmedabad on 20th July 2012.
His PCF [ A priest Jesuit who coordinates the Formation of young brothers] Fr Jerome from East Africa was present as he pronounced his first vows.
The Birthdays of Shaji T sj and Antony Pichai sj were also celebrated that day with all the Jesuits from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar,
Cleopas receiving the crucifix as a sign of his commitment.

The cake is cut by the Shaji T, Cleopas and Antony P

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fr .Gorosquieta Jose Luis (GUJ) 78/60 expired this [3/7/2012] evening around 6.00p.m

Fr .Gorosquieta Jose Luis (GUJ) 78/60 expired this evening around 6.00p.m ( 03- 07-2012 ) in Radhanpur. He had a severe heart attack  and he died in the Hospital in Radhanpur.
The funeral will be held at 4.00 p.m in  Catholic Ashram, Dhandhuka  on Wednesday (04-07-2012).
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

Personal Information:
Name :
Date of Birth: 18- 06 1934
Entrance in the Society: 07 -09- 1952
Final Vows:  15- 08-1979
Priesthood: 25-03-1965
Died : 03-07-2-12

Responsibilities Held:
Asst.PP : Mariampura _ Petlad   1967
Parish Priest (Acting from Mariampura) 1968
Parish Priest- Mariampura –Petlad: 1969
Parish Priest: Dhandhuka 1976 – 2004
Superior : Dhandhuka – Sanand 2004- 2010
Asst PP: Dhandhuka 2004- 2012

Apostle of  Dhandhuka  Mission
He Came to India and went for theological studies in Pune and after that he began to study seriously Gujarati language  by attending classes in a local school and practicing it as best as he could whilst visiting the houses of the poor of the neighbourhood to whom he would distribute simple medicines for their various ailments. People also remember with a good deal of amusement his contribution to the ‘simpatico club’ of those days that besides organizing enjoyable recreation, also undertook the serious business of planting trees around De Nobili Colllege where earlier was nothing but rocks.
The people of Mariampura have much to be grateful for. The beautiful church he built for them was only an external expression of the spiritual church of Christ that he helped them to become with much toil and prayer and with particular care for the education of poor students.
Even after the heart operation he was still an inspiration to the younger Jesuits with his missionary activities. He used to go from house to house and village to village in Dhandhuka areas to help the poor to rebuild their  houses and to revive their spirits after the calamitous earthquake of Jan 2001. He undertook a lot of agro-developmental works especially during the drought hit years and organized works for food to those in need and helped the poor farmers with seeds and fertilizers.

Fr Goros at Vadodara for the 2012 province meet.

A Spanish song for the Gujarat Province Meet.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fr Gorosquieta Jose Louis has gone to the home of his Father.

Goros with the school children at Dhandhuka.

Fr Gorosquita at 2012 Gujarat Jesuits province meeting, Vadodara.
 Dhandhuka - 3rd July 2012
Fr Goros as we called him usually in Gujarat province of the Society of Jesus had gone from Dhandhuka  with his community this afternoon to Radhanpur  for the Golden jubilee celebration of Fr John Kappmoottil sj.
Just before the Mass Fr Goros felt sick and was rushed to a doctor in Radhanpur. He was declared dead at the clinic. After the Mass his body was taken to Dhandhuka.
The funeral service will be tomorrow 4th July at 4.00 pm at Dhandhuka.
Fr Goros spend most of his life in Dhandhuka educating the poor in that area in the school and boarding. He was well known for his humor and jovial character.
A Spanish song for the province meeting 2012 at Vadodara