Monday, March 28, 2011

from Hycinth Vaz

Sorry to hear about Ramon.
That was pretty quick!
I know he resisted going to 'Swargno Rasto' -Jeevan Darshan
when I last met him in Baroda, when his leg was bad.

He was meticulous as meticulous could be.
I remember never opening our Science book,
in class IX, and yet scoring distinction ! simply
because whatever he taught went straight home
between Theory and Practicals in the lab.

He had incredible musical abilities - sight reading
straightaway and rolling out the piece on the accordion
flawlessly. I owe my accordion playing to him.

At that level, we still enjoyed Bro. Mattos entertaining
us with his Mouth Organ! playing. That was difficult!
with Ramon on the Accordion and me on the guitar accompanying!

Lots more good memories to go down
the memory lane. At the bottom of it all Ramon was an
excellent human being. May his soul rest in peace.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fr.Ramon Eizaguirre goes to his eternal reward.

Fr.Ramon Eizaguirre died in the Lord at 10.30 a.m at Jeevan Darshan Baroda on 26-03-2011 and the funeral is held at 5.30 p.m in the Rosary Church Baroda. 

He has worked at Rosary School, Vadodara, as principal and after wards as manager of the school for many years.
May the Lord grant him the eternal rest.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

300 videos on Youtube Gurjarvani on 23rd March 2011

Gurjarvani has 300 videos uploaded on You Tube channel  so far. Some of them like our own tribal dances from south Gujarat  have more than 2000 views. 
Our song videos are also popular. 
Recently we have been uploading movies with  up to 30 min in duration, and in full resolution thanks to the broadband connection we have.
"Sarjakone Sathware " [ being with the creators ] is a series about poets, writers, artists etc. These are about 25 to 30 min long and we could upload them usually at 6.00 am because the internet is faster at that time.
This project done with Yoseph Macwan Kavi as a coordinator has brought Gurjarvani known and closer to the community of famous writers and artists.
A number of poets have read their poems and these can be seen on Youtube Gurjarvani Channel. It will be treasure for the students on Gujarati literature since they can see the poet reciting their own poems with some very meaningful explanations..
Talks in Gujarati on festive seasons like Christmas, Lent and Easter are also very popular. These are watched in the United States, England, Canada and India. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

blogsite for Asian Women Religious

Proposal for a blogsite for Asian Women Religious
18 March 2011, a website containing news of interest to Asian Catholics and their friends abroad, would like to host a blog for Women Religious in Asia.
The purpose of this document is to introduce the idea, explain a little about what it would entail and why we would like to do this and to guage interest among Sisters in Asia.
A “blog”  is a contraction of the term "web log" and is designed to do precisely that - log your thoughts and comments on issues that interest you on a website.
Usually a blog is maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.
Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.
It is probably easiest to think of it as a diary but one that is available for everyone to read.
The best blogs attract comments from readers and lead to replies and, with luck, an on-going dialogue.
Women Religious Blog
Unlike most blogs, this would contain many voices and would open to all women religious in Asia to contribute to.
Entries could be about any topic you wish - your work, conditions where you work, local issues affecting you, your congregation or community. They could be about Church issues, social issues, health issues, education issues. You might feel like writing about spirituality, prayer or politics.
It can be a vehicle to air grievances, to seek out others with similar problems or interests who might be able to help with your own, if only through the support of being there.
Whatever any sister wishes to write about is, by definition, a valid topic.
This is all about creating a large online “conversation” and providing a vehicle for your voices to be heard.
We at will assist by preparing your entries for publication and putting them up on our website. We have plans to start a number of blogs by people with specific interests and the Women Religious Blog will stand alongside these.
We are also mindful that some sisters work in remote areas where electricity supplies, let alone internet connections, are unreliable or non-existent. It is essential that we hear from these women too. So we are happy to take handwritten blog entries posted to our local offices where it can be input to a computer.
We realize that postal costs may prevent this so would be happy to pay the postage on these entries.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bill Condie
UCAN 128/332-333  Phyathai Plaza, 30th Floor
30th Floor, Phyathai Road,
Bangkok 10400 Thailand 
Phone: +662-612-1690-1
Fax: +662-612-1692

Monday, March 14, 2011

SOCOM,Gujarat meeting at Ahmedabad.

The Social Communication Commissions of Gujarat (Western Zone) met in Gurjarvani on 13th March, Sunday for a day.
 Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Baroda diocese commissions were well represented.  Rajkot Diocese was not represented.

We mainly gathered to reflect, understand and implement the Message of  Pope Benedict XVI, for the 45th World Communication Day, delivered on June 5, 2011. 
The theme of the letter is,  
Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age.
After the initial discussion, Fr. Devasia M presented the whole theme in depth with power-point, inviting the whole group for interaction. The group very enthusiastically got involved trying to understand the theme, to make it more relevant in present context of Gujarat and India. 
Fr. Cedric Prakash, the secretary of SOCOM, Western Zone was present for the first half of the day, contributing his deep and challenging insights to make the whole group reflect bettter. 
In the post-lunch session, the whole group spent some time deciding certain concrete steps.   
One of the great leap the group took was to make all the SOCOM groups of all the four dioceses as a common platform for greater impact and presence in Gujarat. The new identity/name will be  SOCOM, Gujarat
Apart from working in our respective dioceses for the local needs and according to our plans, we will take greater interest in larger issues, common programs and projects for better presence and impact. The group unanimously chose Mr. Ratilal Jadav as the coordinator and Sr. Varsha Vaghela as the secretary of SOCOM, Gujarat. 
We chalked out certain common programs with a fixed time-frame.
We shall have a blog explaining our work. Through the blog we shall invite other links, news, issues, debates, discussions and various other relevant projects which will make us relevant and effective in today's digital world.
PowerPoint presentation by Devasia M sj
What next? the afternoon session of SOCOM, Gujarat
We do invite suggestions and feed-backs from all of you our dear friends.

Thank you,
Fr. Ashok Vaghela SJ

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unteshwari garba album 2011 under preparation

Sanjay Sejvalkar the main Tablaist.
Kaushik E, Sahji T. and Setul G. at the audio control room
Rhythm pad