Wednesday, March 23, 2011

300 videos on Youtube Gurjarvani on 23rd March 2011

Gurjarvani has 300 videos uploaded on You Tube channel  so far. Some of them like our own tribal dances from south Gujarat  have more than 2000 views. 
Our song videos are also popular. 
Recently we have been uploading movies with  up to 30 min in duration, and in full resolution thanks to the broadband connection we have.
"Sarjakone Sathware " [ being with the creators ] is a series about poets, writers, artists etc. These are about 25 to 30 min long and we could upload them usually at 6.00 am because the internet is faster at that time.
This project done with Yoseph Macwan Kavi as a coordinator has brought Gurjarvani known and closer to the community of famous writers and artists.
A number of poets have read their poems and these can be seen on Youtube Gurjarvani Channel. It will be treasure for the students on Gujarati literature since they can see the poet reciting their own poems with some very meaningful explanations..
Talks in Gujarati on festive seasons like Christmas, Lent and Easter are also very popular. These are watched in the United States, England, Canada and India. 
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