Monday, March 28, 2011

from Hycinth Vaz

Sorry to hear about Ramon.
That was pretty quick!
I know he resisted going to 'Swargno Rasto' -Jeevan Darshan
when I last met him in Baroda, when his leg was bad.

He was meticulous as meticulous could be.
I remember never opening our Science book,
in class IX, and yet scoring distinction ! simply
because whatever he taught went straight home
between Theory and Practicals in the lab.

He had incredible musical abilities - sight reading
straightaway and rolling out the piece on the accordion
flawlessly. I owe my accordion playing to him.

At that level, we still enjoyed Bro. Mattos entertaining
us with his Mouth Organ! playing. That was difficult!
with Ramon on the Accordion and me on the guitar accompanying!

Lots more good memories to go down
the memory lane. At the bottom of it all Ramon was an
excellent human being. May his soul rest in peace.
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