Click on videos [ above] to go to the Gurjarvani channel on Youtube.So far 170 short videos are uploaded.Give your comments on channel comments window or video comments window. You can also rate the video.

The next video DVD soon to be released is Baptism [ Gujarati 29 min], which can be used very effectively for the instruction of the parents and godparents of the child going to be baptized. Latest theological and spiritual insights are integrated into this presentation on screen by Francis Parmar sj, former principal of St Xavier's college,Ahmedabad.

A video on Mother Teresa was released during the birth centenary of the saint on Aug 29th 2010. This contains clips from a movie by Anne Petrie: Mother Teresa. You hear her own voice on most important values in her life and Gujarati text of the same placed over still shots of the mother and the sisters of her congregation in real life situations.
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