Sunday, October 31, 2010

From Death to Immortality

Kaushik Engineer  the music director and Setul Gamit the recordist.
 A new audio project is being recorded at Gurjarvani audio studio, Ahmedabad, India,  from 28th Oct 2010.

This will be a devotional CD with songs and commentary which can be used for " Besnu" a prayer meeting which is kept in memory of  the departed person by the relatives. The main message of the production will be of hope of eternal life after death. A departed person is still part of a family, in a state of supreme bliss, being with the Father in heaven who is love, joy, and peace . Devasia

A Sitarist adding music to the songs.
Male chorus

Female chorus

Activities at the Theater of the oppresssed - last day at Gurjarvani

Samvedan Cultural group participates in the activities.

Lively activities.

There were theoretical inputs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Theater workshop at Gurjarvani

"The Theater of the oppressed "
{ Shoshitoni Rangbhoomi ]
A five day workshop of Dramatics was inaugurated on 27th Oct 2010 at Gurjarvani. The Trainer / resource person is Sri Sanjay Ganguli from Kolkatta. The theater workshop is for the trainees of Samvedan Cultural Group  for development of the oppressed and the Dalit groups in Gujarat.
Sri Sanjay Ganguli from Kolkatta - the trainer.
The group is very active through out the day with their intensive practices. 
Photos by Setul Gamit

Dr Sebastian Painadath on Hinduism - part 1

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joseph Macwan - Amrut Smruti parv

Reginaben - JM's wife and other guests lighted the lamp.
A large audience applauded as the lamp was lit by Reginaben Macwan wife of Joseph Macwan at the Amrut Smrutiparv  Samaroh at the Sahitya parishad Hall, Ahmedabad, India on 23rd Oct 2010 at 4.00pm
Releasing of " Jindagi Jeevyano harak" edited by Manilal H Patel.  Indukumar Jani, Raghuvir Chaudhury, Prakash Shah, Sudarshan Iyenkar, Mohanbhai Patel... on the stage
"Vanchitona Vanothar" A video by Gurjarvani on Joseph Macwan [14 min.] was also shown at the function.
A full hall at Gujarat Sahitya Parishad, Ahmedabad,India

Joseph Macwan - activist and writer
Photos by Setul Gamit

Yoseph Macwan on Joseph Macwan

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joseph Macwan - Activist and Writer - Anand, India

Joseph Macwan's Birth Anniversary will be celebrated at Gujarat Sahitya Parishad Hall  [ Behind Times of India Building, on the shore of river Sabarmati ]  Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Date : 23rd Oct. 2010 Time: 4 to 6 pm
All are welcome.

Monday, October 18, 2010

DVDs of Baptism and Mother Teresa released

The function of the blessing of the new Church at Chavdapura near Anand on 17th Oct 2010 was accompanied by very colourful dances and women carrying the traditional decorated pots on their head. We can see how the religious function and liturgy is celebrated within the local culture, faith is expressed not at all in any foreign culture as it used to be. Gurjarvani DVDs on Baptism and Mother Teresa were released at mthe end of the function by Bishop Thomas Macwan and the Vg of the diocese Fr Rocky Pinto.
Bishop Thomas Macwan and Fr Rocky Pinto VG releasing the DVDs
New Church at Chavdapura blessed by Bishop Thomas Macwan on 17th Oct 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A DVD on Mother Teresa

A DVD on Mother Teresa with two chapters.

1. Prepared at the beatification of Mother Teresa with her own words in English and short translation of the points in Gujarati.

2. Prepared for the 100th Birth Anniversary of Mother Teresa. This was shown at Petlad, Ahmedabad and Vadodara for the Birth day celebrations. The dances prepared by Jyothi and Elisa of Nadiad depicts Mother Teresa's service for the poorest of the poor. The subtitles in English makes these dances understandable for those who do not follow Gujarati.

The sacrament of New Birth or New Life    [ Snansamskar ] is well presented in this DVD in Gujarati [ 30 min.] meant for the Catholics of Gujarat mainly from Ahmedabad diocese. The Video addresses the parents of the little child to be baptized. Bishop Thomas Macwan introduces the video and Francis Parmar S.J. explains the deep meaning of this Sacrament. 
This DVD will be released at Chavdapura  on the occasion of its blessing of the Church of Mother Mary  by Bishop Thomas Macwan.
Devasia M.

Youth for Environment

Youth for Environment
Get Inspired – Get Informed – Get Involved
A workshop organized by Climatecampers and Gujarat Jesuit Youth Movement (GJYM)
Date: 8th of November 2010. Venue: Climatecampers Bio-Reserve centre, Vadtal, (behind Sandyadeep convent, opposite to Railway Station)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Hope celebration on 2nd Oct at Gandhi Ashram,Ahmedabad, India

The "A Hope" team of artists performed in the Sabarmati Jail and at Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, India on 2nd  Oct - the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi. Mexico also celebrates the 2nd of Oct as peace day or non violence day. Gurjarvani plans to bring our a song album of the same songs soon.
All religions meet at Sabarmati Jail Oct 2 nd 2010
Mexican artist performing with Indian artists in the Jail.
Songs from all religions sung by people from all religions.
It was really a art for peace performance on Oct 2nd at Gandhi Ashram.

Friday, October 1, 2010

International Day of Nonviolence Oct.2, 2010

c/o Prashant
International Day of Nonviolence Oct.2, 2010

Since 2005, OraWorldMandala – a world theatre for Ahimsa through Art - and Gujarat Vidyapith together with twelve different religious communities in and around the city of Ahmedabad have been making an experimental attempt for the creation of a model of education for Ahimsa through Art.
Mahatma Gandhi, of course, is our source of inspiration.
This urban social platform in Ahmedabad sent out inspirational waves far and wide and a group of people on the same wavelength in Mexico City were inspired to do a similar experiment in conflict resolution which they thought was their urgent social requirement. This Mexican group consists of people drawn from diverse backgrounds – farmers, workers, students, entire families etc.
We used to have programmes on Gandhi Jayanti – 2ndOctober - which is being observed as International Day of Nonviolence the world over.
This year we are planning to observe 2nd Oct., with simultaneous peace action between Ahmedabad and Mexico City. The programmes will be similar but not the same. The common denominator will be an artistic (re)presentation dedicated to Mother Earth.
The stage in Ahmedabad will be Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, haloed by the visible and invisible presence of the Mahatma, from where the peace process of Ahimsa through Art was launched in April, 2005.
The presentation will be as follows:
Students from over a dozen schools and colleges from the city and its suburbs will congregate around a Mandala which is conceived as a symbol of peace and harmony and perform a very special artistic presentation. This performance will be enveloped by an aura of music played by A-HOPE (Ahmedabad Harmonic Orchestra for Peace Everywhere) a musical activists’ group committed to Nonviolence and consisting of members from twelve different communities. The accompanying music will be a rare confluence of selected compositions  from both Indian and Mexican musical traditions. Well-known Mexican composer Margarita Martinez Duarte and the famous Indian composer Ashwin Dalvi from Jaipur, will be leading the performance.
The honourable Ambassador of the Republic of Mexico to India Mr. Jaime Nualart has kindly consented to be the chief guest of the function.
Preceding this rare performance and in a sense to preface it, there will be a special concert in Sabarmati Jail. It may be relevant to recall here that for Gandhiji  jail was also mandirand hence OraWorldMandala thought it proper to inaugurate the day’s programme in the Sabarmati Jail.

At Sabarmati Jail: 2.30PM
At Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram: 6PM