Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Funeral of Samuel Vaghela [BBN]

Br Aloyius Macwan goes Home to Our Father.

Br Alysius Macwan goes home to Our Father.

Aloys Macwan with boarders at Kahmbhat.

Aloysius Macwan Brother Gujarat province SJ

Bro.Aloysius Macwan (GUJ) 78/53 expired this evening around 10.45p.m ( 22- 07-2013 ) in Pilar Hospital, Baroda.
The funeral will be held at 4.00 p.m at St.Joseph’s Church, Baroda  on  23-07-2013.
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ
Br Macwan Aloysius
Br Aloysius spent much of his life in the Society serving as Boarding-in charge in Zhagadia, Surat and Varsada. He also served as Minister and Kitchen-in charge of Premal Jyoti for about five years. He was placed in charge of the first hostel for tribal boys in the mission of Vyara in 1967. He was notable for his simplicity and constant availability to the boys. The boys used to wait for his company outside the study hours too. He had great love for them and their families. His influence over them lasted much beyond the years he spent in the hostel. He is still remembered by them even after thirty years.
He took great interest in what was happening in the villages during the famine years in 1967-1971 and famine relief work, and supported the Fathers in whatever was required of him in using the services of the boys for the work of the mission.
He was simple and unassuming.  In his simplicity he was blessed with a kind of earthy wisdom and sagacity that is given “to the unlearned but hidden from the wise and learned.” He was  a very pleasant companion.
He had a very charming personality to attract and to relate with people. He had been a source of inspiration in the Jesuit Community. He kept the community alive with his spontaneous jokes. He had an art of correcting others and giving feedback with out hurting them. As a Jesuit he never found anything impossible. He used to take up any work and do it to the best of his ability. His famous saying is: “Kai vandho nati, apne joilayea.” It means, “no problem, we will do it.” He was a man prayer and deep convictions. With his spiritual strength and deep convictions, he did his work with great sense of commitment and dedication. Till his death he served as a boarding-in-charge at Khambhat.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mr.Samuel P.Vaghela, the father of Fr. Ashok Vaghela (Dir Gurjarvani) has passed away

News Updates:

Mr.Samuel P.Vaghela, the father of Fr. Ashok Vaghela  (Dir Gurjarvani) has passed away around 9.00a.m on 22 July 2013. The funeral is today in the evening at Nadiad. Keep the bereaved family members in your prayers. Fr.Ashok Vaghela’s Phone Number is :09427312342 and the
E-mail Id is :<ashok@jesuits.net>   

In union of Prayers,
Fr Ashok and Samuelbhai in a boat near Thrissur, Kerala

Friday, July 19, 2013

Solar Power system at Mandali, Gujarat, India.

A solar power system is set up at Mandali village for St Xavier's School  recently.
It can supply power during the day to the whole school, two boardings, and the staff residence.

India's Poorest Chief Minister

Received from a friend. Among so many scams unfolding everyday it is nice to know that we have still got honest people in India- that too a Chief Minister.But media does not have time for them. Please read on.........
        India's Poorest Chief Minister: Mr Manik Sarkar
One of many honest persons is  Mr Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister, Tripura.
He has been elected consecutively for fourth terms as Chief Minister. First some facts about this great person.
1. He is the poorest but also the Purest Chief Minister in India.
2. He has been elected as chief minister consecutively for fourth term,one more than Narendra modi's three terms,but zero publicity in our media
3. He doesnot own a home;
4. His bank balance is Rs. 6500/-
5. He donates all his salary to CPI (M), and party gives him sustenance allowance of Rs 5000/- month.
6. His wife never uses official vehicle and can very easily be seen on Rickshaw in Agartala.
7. Even his worst opponents admit that Manik Sarkar is an impeccably honest man, certainly a rare variety among politicians today.
Now, compare these with other chief ministers or politicians, who have assets worth crores of rupees!
Apart from honesty, Mr Manik Sarkar has been impetuous for the development of the state which includes better connectivity and development of IT sector in state. He was also responsible for bringing the concept of public-private partnership and invigorated private intervention, particularly in the IT sector.
I think he demands nothing from us but some respect and a little bit recognition. So, Please  share this post with your friends and show that you are a real Indian.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Xavier Technical Institute , Linch, [Gujarat, India ] inaugurated.

Fr Jose Changa lighting the lamp.

Girls from Mandali School - prayer dance
 The Xavier Institute of  Technology, Linch [ near Mehsana in Gujarat, India ] was blessed by Archbishop Stanny F on 15th July 2013. Fr Jose Changa and a number of technical experts were present at the occasion.  The Institute is run by the Mandali Jesuit Community.
Fr Mathew Muthuplackal sj who is solar power systems expert is the director of the Institute.
Just now the courses will be run in the hostel building. The new building will be built soon.
This is the only Technical Institute of the Catholic Church in Gandhinagar diocese, in North Gujarat.
Fr Mathew MM Director Technical institute, Linch.

Sr Superior, Mandali being greeted.

Yoseph Macwan - poet being garlanded.

Fr Cosmos explains the origins of the project.

Bishop Stanny F blessing the  Institute

Hostel building for boys

Media training May 2013 - Saputara

Shooting demo
 2013 Media Training  was reported earlier in our post.
Now have a look at some of the activities in Photos.
Gurjarvani conducts A media training for 15 days every year in May.
The group photo shows the whole group with Gurjarvani staff and Fr Cedric Prakash who presented the certificates to the participants on the last day, 30th May 2013.
Shooting Demo

A session

Still photo shoot
Group of Media Training 2013, Saputara.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Radio Jockey workshop at Gurjarvani

Mamta Desai 
 Mamta Desai was the main resource person for Radio Jockey workshop on Sunday 7th July at Gurjarvani studios.
The workshop was organised by WAVES, a group dedicated media events.
Mamta has a lot of experience in different radio broadcast set ups in Ahmedabad.
The participants were eager to learn the skills needed to be good RJ.

A session in Gurjarvani studio

The Participants.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Gurjarvani videos blog ; gurjarvani4

present banner for Gurjarvani4

This is the link for the new blog created only for our videos from Gurjarvani.
This makes it easier for me to add the movies with one click.
So please remember this blog URL and follow
 to get regular updates.
Devasia M

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Love - Tony D'melo

Fr Arza Louis expired on 2nd July 2013 at Vadodara , Jeevandarshan.

Fr Arza

Fr Arza at Jeevandarshan
Fr.Luis Arza Erasu (GUJ) 66/92 expired this afternoon around 3.30p.m ( 02- July-2013 ) at Jeevan Darshan, Baroda.
The funeral will be held at 4.30 p.m in  Jeevan Darshan Shrine, Baroda  on  03 July 2013.
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

Fr Arza 

Fr.Luis Arza Erasu (GUJ) 66/92 expired

Fr.Luis Arza Erasu (GUJ) 66/92 expired this afternoon around 3.30p.m ( 02- July-2013 ) at Jeevan Darshan, Baroda.
The funeral will be held at 4.30 p.m in  Jeevan Darshan Shrine, Baroda  on  03 July 2013.
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

Fr.Luis Arza
A late vocation hailing from the Seminary of Pamplona. Soon after his novitiate he was sent to India where he received all his Jesuit training. He was sent to Anand as a spiritual father to the boarders. That was one of his most fruitful 13 years  in the ministry at Anand. Arza’s hard work in Dediapada is still remembered. His contribution to the welfare of adivasi while in Surat is said to be an enduring monument to his zeal and love for the oppressed and the dispossessed. His six years of efficient service at St.Joseph’s Baroda appear to have left a lasting impression on all who benefited from his work there.

The clergy of Baroda still remember him with affection and gratitude for his fatherly guidance during his stint as the rector of the diocesan seminary. His liberty and generosity as a genial host is still cherished by those who enjoyed his hospitality in Valsad. Sevasi too has enjoyed his contribution in terms of making peace between rival groups, improving the conditions in the hostel, setting the accounts right and making the farm productive. The Jeevan Darshan Community too was fortunate to have him as a superior cum chaplain of the shrine. The tireless servant of the lord was force to rest due to a stroke that made his speechless for the last several years at Jeevan Darshan.
 Personal Information:
Name: Luis Arza Erasu
Birth: 01 11.1921
Entered SJ: 14-09-1947
Priesthood: 24-03-1954
Final vows: 02-02-1958

Responsibilities held:
Asst PP at Anand : 1955-1958
Parish Priest Dediapada: 1968-1970
Rector at Anand: 1970-1973
Principal at Surat: 1972-1976
Principal at Baroda: 1976-1982
Rector of Minor seminary at Baroda: 1982-1989
Parish Priest at Valsad: 1990-1992