Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jesuit Provincial Jose Changa released " અમીધારા " audio CD.

A liturgical celebration according to the Tribal Traditions.
Jesuit Provincial Jose Changa released
" અમીધારા " audio CD at Korbi Shrine on 7th Feb 2012, during the Korbi Feast.

Communion service

Jesuit Provincial Jose Changa releasing " અમીધારા " audio CD.

કોરબી માતાનો મેળો - દેડિયાપાડા

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

અમીધારા - કોરબી માતાના ભજનો

News from Korbi Shrine.

અમીધારા - કોરબી માતાના ભજનો 
This CD seems to be a great hit among the Advasis.
The 450 Copies were all sold out on the first day.
Soon the songs will be on the web radio of Gurjarvani.
Congratulations to Setul Gamit who has done a lot of creative work
like sequencing music and recording the whole Album in this Album.
Setul Gamit - Music Arranger and Recordist.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

અમીધારા - કોરબી માતાના ભજનો - લોકાર્પણ

અમીધારા - કોરબી માતાના ભજનો - લોકાર્પણ  
This CD will be released at the Feast of Korbi Mata near Dediapada  in Bharuch Dt, Gujarat, India on 7th Feb 2012. The CD has professionally recorded songs dedicated to the Korbi Mata a shrine meant for the Adivasis [ Tribals ] of South Gujarat.
The songs written by Bhimsingh was recorded by Setul Gamit at Gurjarvani studio with music arrangement by Setul Gamit.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fr. Muthu of Baroda Diocese goes to his eternal rewaed.

Fr. Muthu  of Baroda Diocese (Earlier he was a Brother in the Society of Jesus – Guj ) died of heart attack on Sunday and his funeral is on 8 Feb –  Wednesday at Zaroli at 10.a.m.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Shooting trips - Gurjarvani

Besides shooting er also collect flowers.Atmaram on the tree collecting Mahuda flowers
Cameraman Sachin and Hanumant for lights

Our jeep, an essential part of our trips