Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fr.Luis Arza Erasu (GUJ) 66/92 expired

Fr.Luis Arza Erasu (GUJ) 66/92 expired this afternoon around 3.30p.m ( 02- July-2013 ) at Jeevan Darshan, Baroda.
The funeral will be held at 4.30 p.m in  Jeevan Darshan Shrine, Baroda  on  03 July 2013.
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

Fr.Luis Arza
A late vocation hailing from the Seminary of Pamplona. Soon after his novitiate he was sent to India where he received all his Jesuit training. He was sent to Anand as a spiritual father to the boarders. That was one of his most fruitful 13 years  in the ministry at Anand. Arza’s hard work in Dediapada is still remembered. His contribution to the welfare of adivasi while in Surat is said to be an enduring monument to his zeal and love for the oppressed and the dispossessed. His six years of efficient service at St.Joseph’s Baroda appear to have left a lasting impression on all who benefited from his work there.

The clergy of Baroda still remember him with affection and gratitude for his fatherly guidance during his stint as the rector of the diocesan seminary. His liberty and generosity as a genial host is still cherished by those who enjoyed his hospitality in Valsad. Sevasi too has enjoyed his contribution in terms of making peace between rival groups, improving the conditions in the hostel, setting the accounts right and making the farm productive. The Jeevan Darshan Community too was fortunate to have him as a superior cum chaplain of the shrine. The tireless servant of the lord was force to rest due to a stroke that made his speechless for the last several years at Jeevan Darshan.
 Personal Information:
Name: Luis Arza Erasu
Birth: 01 11.1921
Entered SJ: 14-09-1947
Priesthood: 24-03-1954
Final vows: 02-02-1958

Responsibilities held:
Asst PP at Anand : 1955-1958
Parish Priest Dediapada: 1968-1970
Rector at Anand: 1970-1973
Principal at Surat: 1972-1976
Principal at Baroda: 1976-1982
Rector of Minor seminary at Baroda: 1982-1989
Parish Priest at Valsad: 1990-1992
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