Monday, March 14, 2011

SOCOM,Gujarat meeting at Ahmedabad.

The Social Communication Commissions of Gujarat (Western Zone) met in Gurjarvani on 13th March, Sunday for a day.
 Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Baroda diocese commissions were well represented.  Rajkot Diocese was not represented.

We mainly gathered to reflect, understand and implement the Message of  Pope Benedict XVI, for the 45th World Communication Day, delivered on June 5, 2011. 
The theme of the letter is,  
Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age.
After the initial discussion, Fr. Devasia M presented the whole theme in depth with power-point, inviting the whole group for interaction. The group very enthusiastically got involved trying to understand the theme, to make it more relevant in present context of Gujarat and India. 
Fr. Cedric Prakash, the secretary of SOCOM, Western Zone was present for the first half of the day, contributing his deep and challenging insights to make the whole group reflect bettter. 
In the post-lunch session, the whole group spent some time deciding certain concrete steps.   
One of the great leap the group took was to make all the SOCOM groups of all the four dioceses as a common platform for greater impact and presence in Gujarat. The new identity/name will be  SOCOM, Gujarat
Apart from working in our respective dioceses for the local needs and according to our plans, we will take greater interest in larger issues, common programs and projects for better presence and impact. The group unanimously chose Mr. Ratilal Jadav as the coordinator and Sr. Varsha Vaghela as the secretary of SOCOM, Gujarat. 
We chalked out certain common programs with a fixed time-frame.
We shall have a blog explaining our work. Through the blog we shall invite other links, news, issues, debates, discussions and various other relevant projects which will make us relevant and effective in today's digital world.
PowerPoint presentation by Devasia M sj
What next? the afternoon session of SOCOM, Gujarat
We do invite suggestions and feed-backs from all of you our dear friends.

Thank you,
Fr. Ashok Vaghela SJ
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