Friday, January 7, 2011

Ordination of Fr Cyprian Monis sj - Gujarat Province.

First Mass

      Cyprian Monis writes from Zankhvav, Gujarat,India

i was ordained on the 27th December 2010, at Aloysius college Mangalore. there were two more Jesuits of the karnataka province. Fr. Prashant, the pre-novitiate director, had well prepared us for the day. the ordination ceremony was very solemn and devotional. the devotional atmosphere filled new enthusiasm and spirit in me and i did feel the presence of Christ himself placing his hands over me. i believe, other too, including the congregation, had similar experience. i was extremely happy to see my Jesuit brothers who took trouble to come over there and take various responsibility. thank you very much dear Frs.!
Fr Cyprian Monis with relatives
next day, i celebrated my thanksgiving mass. i thanked my mother, brothers and sisters and all the dear and near once for all that they did to me. we had an hour of stage program and a delicious meal for the congregation.
at the end, i am glad to say that, all that began well ended well. i thank the provincial, socius and especially the benefactors who made this day a memorable one for me and my family. i also thank all my well wishers for remembering me and praying for me on 27th. December, 2010. i wish you one and all a joyful new year and promise that you are remembered in my prayers always.
thank you very much
in Christ Jesus
your brother
Fr. Cyprian Monis sj
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