Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Release " Premni

On the Wings of LOVE
An Anthology of Poems by Fr. Shekhar sj

Fr Francis Parmar releasing the book

Publisher Raghuvir Chaudhari

Gujarati Nusarjak Raymund Chauhan sj

Original English poet Shekhar Manickam sj
On the Wings of Love – an anthology of poems written by Fr. Shekhar Manikam - has been translated into Gujarati by Fr. Raymund Chauhan sj under the title “Premni Pankhe”.   
પ્રેમની પાંખે 
This book was released on 9th of March, 2014, at St. Xavier’s Loyola Hall, Golden Jubilee Auditorium.

 Fr. Francis Parmar sj, the Provincial, while releasing the book, called it a process of passing through 5 palaces, like that of St. Teresa of Avila, in Spain, and being merged into the Author of Life – Love,  

Other eminent critics from Gujarati Literature such as Mr. Raghuvir Chaudhari, Poet Yosef Macwan and Prof. R. R. Parmar too highly appreciated “Premni Pankhe”. Indeed it was a superbly planned program with a fantastic use of audio visual media.
Grishma Manoj Macwan - Prayer dance

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