Friday, August 22, 2014

Pope Francis at the Canteen for lunch

Humble and living by example ...
Pope FRANCIS stuns Vatican workers by dropping into the
canteen and grabbing his lunch on a tray

His visit was 'like bolt out of the blue' when he popped into canteen for lunch, dressed in cassock and skullcap... he picked up tray and queued for food, picked up His food, and then sat with group of ordinary workers and chatted to them while eating
Man of God..Pope Francis tucked in to a plate of pasta without sauce and cod with grilled tomatoes, washed down with a bottle of water

Ultimate grace: He was introduced to the staff and others there and asked them questions about themselves and their work
Then, to everybody's astonishment, he sat down at a long table with a group of workmen and said grace before tucking in to his meal.
Describing the papal visit as 'like a thunderbolt out of the blue,' the canteen’s chef Franco Pai'ni told Vatican Radio the Pope was introduced to the staff and others there and asked them questions about themselves and their work.  

People's Pope: He seemed genuinely interested in what the Vatican workers had to say, chit chatting casually as he ate his meal

Leisurely lunch: Having arrived just after midday, he stayed in the Vati-canteen
for more than half an hour before paying his compliments to the chef, giving everyone his blessing and heading off to get back to work

Afterwards, he paid them compliments on the quality of the food, gave his blessing and took part in a group photo before leaving.
He made the shock visit after meeting privately with a Sudanese mother
in Rome who was put on death row for refusing to become a Muslim,
blessing both her and the baby she had while in prison
The Vatican said Pope Francis had 'a very affectionate' meeting with
Meriam Ibrahim, 27, her husband and their two small children
Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said: 'The Pope thanked
Meriam and her family for their courageous witness and constancy of faith.
For her part, Meriam expressed gratitude to the Pope for the great support
and comfort she received from his prayers and from so many others
believers of good will.'

God Bless Pope FRANCIS & Guide Him Every Breath Of His Life On Good Mother Earth.Amen.

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