Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fr.Arrupe, of happy memory, on Mass communications.

Fr.Arrupe, of happy memory, on Mass communications.
            “ I am no prophet, but I can tell you that in another 10 years India’s teeming millions will be reached only by TV. Today Delhi alone has television; here in Bombay you will have it soon.TV will be possible on a grand scale in about 2 or 3 years when you have satellites as they do in Latin America.
              You must prepare yourselves to turnthis avalanche into blessing. We know the awful waste of time that results from  TV advertisements and cheap films in Europe and many other countries. The Indian Government will be ready to good programmes.  The time to prepare for it is now. After ten or even five years it will be too late. We will have missed the boat! In a church you may have 2000 or 5000 people listening to you. On TV you will be able to contact directly 4 or 5 million listeners and viewers whom you would never have been able to approach in any other way. And this is not wishful thinking but a fact of the very near future.”
(Excerpt from “Relevance of our apostolate to-day”, a talk given to Bombay Jesuits on 21 April, 1971)

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