Monday, February 10, 2014

Media Seminar on “Social Media for Mission Outreach” - SIGNIS Feb 2014

The whole group at the Seminar 

Media Seminar on “Social Media for Mission Outreach”
SIGNIS, Western region organised a workshop for the youth on Social Media for Mission Outreach, on Sunday, February 9th. It was decided by the members of SIGNIS Western Region to offer a seminar to youth on relevant and recent topic affecting their lives. Since we live in the world of rapid changes and instant updates about practically everything, the natural choice was a topic related to the use of Social Media.
Around 70 youth from Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Goa and Vasai took part in the daylong seminar at St. Paul’s, Bandra, Mumbai.
They all enthusiastically engaged in all the discussions and activities related to the topic. The seminar began with a prayer dance by Sr. Selviya. A welcome note by Fr. Ashok Vaghela, the president of SIGNIS Western Region, made the gathered youth very comfortable to the seminar environment. The keynote address was given by Fr. Cleophas Braganza, who with the use of power-point presentations explained to us of using the Social Media for Mission particularly for the social change. He elaborated the topic with a lot of examples and detailed analysis of the use of Social Media and its positive effects for any social change. He told the gathered youth to pay attention on three important questions we need to ask ourselves while sharing a message.
 1. What are we trying to convey?
2. Whom do we want to reach?
3. How shall we reach to them?
Fr. Braganza repeatedly made the youth aware that having the latest gadgets does not make things possible for better communication. He invited all to constantly ask a question i.e.
“Why should I do this?” to oneself for better partaking in the new environment of Social Media. The question and answer session clarified a lot of queries by the participants.
After a break the group once again met for the panel discussion. The main speakers in the panel discussion were
1. Kevin Jayraj, an ad designer who has started a company, Point of view (POV).
 2. Richard D’Souza, a social worker serving in Jharkhand.
3. Mayola, a teacher and mother of two teenage girls.
4. Brinston Carvalho who has pioneered in serving the parish by creating an Android application, ‘Orland Connect’. Each of the speakers shared with the group their success stories. The discussion with the group was very interesting. A lot of interaction took place.
At the end of the seminar the group gathered to thank God in the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Olavo Caiado in his interesting homily invited us to be a communicator of love and thus, to reach Christ even to them, who are not aware of the name of Jesus.
After the mass all gathered for delicious lunch. The entire group left the venue filled with a lot of joy and knowledge in Social Media.

Sr. Hilda Braganza, the secretary of SIGNIS Western Region and Sr. Joeyanna D’Souza along with Fr. Alex Paul had looked after the entire arrangements of the seminar and saw the entire execution with the help of youth from Mumbai.
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