Monday, February 3, 2014

commemoration of Vatican's communication document

Bishop Chacko Thottumarikal, chairman of Indian bishops' commission for Social Communications, has opened the national year-long celebrations to commemorate the path-breaking document of Second Vatican Council on media and communications, Inter Mirifica.

The program, which included a seminar, was opened at Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra in Indore on Feb.1. 

The year-long program called "Inter Mirifica Year 2014" aims to revitalise the Indian Church's communication ministry. The event is comprised of various programmes on intellectual, cultural and creative planes, a press release said.

The celebrations are desinged to help the Indian Church, especially those involved in the media to “take to heart the spirit of the document” for a productive communications ministry, said Dr Joby Kavungal CRJ, the national organiser of the celebrations.

Father Kavungal and Fr Jose Vallikatt facilitated the seminar for group of people in media misssion. Similar programmes are planned at national and regional levels. They include celebrating World Communication Day, International media conference, National media cultural fest and national media competitions.

Inter Mirifica sought the active engagement and full participation by the Catholic Church in the field of media and communications. The document not only served as a guideline for communications but also became the foundation for the subsequent documents on media and communications in the Church.

“Catholics needs to involve more deeply in to media and communication ministry,” said Bisho Thottumarikkal said while opening the celebrations. 

He said the year 2014 is the jubilee year of the document, which gave preliminary orientations and impetus to the Catholic communication ministry.

He said the CBCI meeting 10 years ago deliberated about media and communication with the theme “Towards a communicating church.” Communication is Church's mission. Modern systems of communication such as Internet offer great opportunity to reach the message of Jesus to the whole world, he noted.

Religious sisters, and priests of the Diocese of Indore had dedicated this day for thinking about their missionary role and responsibility to harness social media’s potentials for evangelisation.

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