Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jesuit Novice Masters from Indian provinces visit Gurjarvani

In the audio studio of Gurjarvani
The Novice Masters at Gurjarvani,Ahmedabad,India
The young people who want to dedicate themselves  for ever to serve the needy and poor people any where in the world in the Society of Jesus are given a two year intense spirituality training. And that is called " the Novitiate"[નવશિશ્યાલય ]
The Novice Master is the one who directs them. 14 such Novice Masters from all over India were at Ahmedabad for a meeting  to share their experience in guiding the young people.
Gurjarvani Parivar [ Gurjarvani Family] thanks them for their visit on 4th September 2012.
A video presentation in the Gurjarvani studio

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