Sunday, November 6, 2011

દિવ્ય દયા 
મારા અંતરતમમાં 
સંત ફૌસ્તીનાનું જીવન ચરિત્ર 
A film dubbed into Gujarati.
With presentation on screen by Bishop Thomas Macwan of Ahmedabad diocese
and a an on screen introduction by Francis Parmar S.J. to make the message of this film very relevant to the life situation in Gujarat.
This film was released at the feast in Khambholaj this year by Bishop Thomas Macwan Bishop of Ahmedabad.
The Bishop said that he is ready to promote the Devotion to the Divine Mercy all over Gujarat through this film.
It is recommended that the film be watched with the these two videos. The three videos are in separate chapters on the DVD and so any one can be watched at any time.
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