Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Para Legal Diploma course in Gujarati

Nyay Darshan, Vadodara plans to start a one – year Para – legal diploma course in law in Gujarati from 1st April 2015. The aim of the course is to promote human rights and justice among the weaker sections of society. Training course will deal with the rights of the common people, women, children, senior citizens, SCs/STs/OBCs, minorities, consumers, patients, prisoners, travelers, victims of natural calamities and communal riots, and welfare schemes.
The participants will have to attend the classes for 5 weeks (one-week classes after every 3 months – total 35 days).
Theoretical and practical knowledge will be provided to the trainees.
You are requested to send few persons- social activists, village leaders, youth leaders, retired teachers (men & women) - for the training. For further information please contact me or my secretary Mr. Patrick A. Christy.
With warm regards,

Fr. P. D. Mathew S. J.
(+97373 59772)
Mr. Patrick A. Christy,
(+99242 70199) 

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