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Media Training, 2014, at Saputara

participants and staff

Media Training, 2014, at Saputara

An intensive package of “Media Training, 2014” was gracefully unfolded by the Gurjarvani Team in the midst of nature where hills and mountains surround Our Giri Mata Mandir at Saputara. It was indeed under the overarching protection of “Our Lady of Mountains” [ Giri Mata ] that everything began, ran and went off well.   Under the ever youthful, enthusiastic and collaborative leadership of Fr. Ashok Vaghela, the Gurjarvani team consisting of Frs. Devasia and Raymund, along with highly dedicated 7 collaborators and volunteers, worked round the clock from 14th of May to 31st of May, 2014.  This was the 7th Media Training in succession over the past 6 years. The presence of some eminent personalities like Mr. Yosef Macwan - a well known Gujarati Poet - and Sr. Regina of St. Anne, Nadiad – a regular contributor to the trainings given in media over the past two decades -  greatly encouraged the participants and the trainers alike.

All that preceded the Media Training made it a success. The Pre Media Training multi-faceted preparations were done meticulously much ahead of time. A committed, enthusiastic and media-qualified lay collaborator Miss Grena Christian personally interviewed 38 applicants from all over Gujarat and spotted 30 participants - 23 boys and 7 girls -  to take part in this training. Moreover, she also took the full responsibility of important departments such as kitchen, stationary, media-lab and equipments etc and carried out to its finest detail with great dedication and utmost care.

The Media Training was punctuated with several media experts coming in from different media fields at the appointed hour and delivering their goods effectively. There were inputs on chalk-talk, poster-making, photography, script-writing, production of film and documentary, editing, recording sound and music. All these aspects were dealt with great depth in a very  creative manner with theories and practicals to be done by the participants. As the Media Training advanced the participants realized that it was necessary to work as a team. Day after day the enthusiasm of the students and the trainers rose higher and higher and reached its culmination when the four groups of the participants prepared short documentary each pulling all their talents and the skills learned during the Media Training. At the end of the training they were all awarded with a precious certificate of the Media Training, 2014.

As all of us know that “Media Training” is an associate-venture of GJYM-WAVES-JESCOM. Hence all the involved ones in “The Media Training, 2014,” gratefully acknowledge the hospitality of the Shamgahan Fathers and Sr. Rahel of Saputara.

Raymund Chauhan sj

Gurjarvani, 28.05.2014
Computer Lab for editing and postproduction

A shooting demo

forward to the location for a shoot

Still photography 

Participants and staff Media Training 

Our Lady participants 
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