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Glory of Gujarat Award to Sister Elsa c/o [BBN]

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 10:24 PM PST
Glory Of Gujarat Award given to Sister Elsa Rodriguez (St. Anne) on 27th Dec 2013 from the Governor Rev. Kamla Benival at Gandhinagar
Sister Elsa Rodriguez
 It is said you take one step and God takes thousand steps towards you. That’s what happened in the life of Sr.Elsa. When she finally decided to follow the person of Christ.

 Sr. Elsa was born on 2nd Aug 1944 in Bogota Colombia in (South America). She had happy childhood with her siblings and she completed her Master in psychology. She decided to become a religious nun and joined the congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Anne in the year 1962. She had a call to be a missionary so she came to India on 14th Nov 1978.

 She has so much love for the mentally challenged children. She has special place for these children in her heart and in her life. This was the reason she began the home for the mentally challenged children in Ahmedabad in Maninagar in the year 1983 with two children Pinky and Jimmy. The beginning of this mission was in the small house and she had a dream to build a residence for these children. Her dream came true when a house for mentally challenged children was built in Bapunagar – Ahmedabad in the year 1986 in February. This centre was named “Madhurya Bhuvan”. It is meant for the age group of 5 to 17 years for boys and girls. It is a special need school and hostel where children are trained to manage by themselves their daily routine and become self dependent. When they began they had 11 children with them. And today at this moment there are 113 boys and girls including the day scholars. Till today 696 children have benefited from Madhurya Bhuvan and had taken shelter in its arms.Sr. Elsa served in Bapunagar - Ahmedabad till the year 2000.

 While Sr. Elsa was in Bapunagar it was her constant worry as to what would happen to these children once they grow up. When she used to hear the parents making these kind of statements: She started thinking about it seriously and these thoughts of Sr.Elsa became reality when she built a beautiful house for mentally challenged women in Kadi – Unteshwari (Mehesana) in the year 2000 in June. It is said Optimistic never stop dreaming and so Sr.Elsa. She extended the same house for men too in 2006. Today Madhurya Bhuvan stands tall in Unteshwari giving shelter to many mentally challenged men and women.


1) She is a person of perfection. Whatever she does it she will do it perfectly.

2) She lives disciplined life. She likes everything to be done in time and proper manner.

3) She is committed person. Her commitment is total and complete.

She has offered her whole life in the service of these differently abled people. It is indeed admirable. Hats off to you and accept our grand salute for being the channel of love and compassion to those who came to your life.

- News By Sr. Shital Parmar - Nadiad

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