Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fr. Narciso Mendiburu has gone to be with His Father

Fr Narciso Mendiburu
Pablo Gil and Mendiburu - top photo
Mendiburu middle photo. 
A letter from Fr Pabl Gil sj from Spane on 18th May 2012
Just now I received the news that Fr. Narciso Mendiburu has expired. After our arrival in Pamplona he experienced a slight improvement. But  he had a sudden collapse and was taken to the clinic. Apparently he had  a blood clot in the brain. He got worse in the clinic and early in the morning  I got the news that he had expired. The Superior of  the Community has offered me the chance of officiating at the funeral, .I have gladly accepted the invitation.
I must say that the whole community has accompanied Mendiburu  all the time he has been here. He was visited everyday in the clinic and the nurse from the community was continuously at his service.  Everyday he had visitors in the clinic,though he could not talk.he expressed his appreciation to the visitors by crying..

 Gujarat is, of course, all the time in my thoughts. Best wishes to those around. Sincerely and gratefully


Pablo Gil S.J
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