Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gurjarvani shooting trip to Poshina, Pipaliya Village.

A grand Mother in whose house the boarding is.

Grand Mother and grand daughters serving the small kids at the boarding
The boarding is run by Aravali Vikas trust
managed by Peter D'Souza sj from Poshina Town close by, in Gujarat, India.
This is a new experiment to have the small children educated in their own village in small boardings. Local people manage the boarding. They have given the building free, with water supply for the boarding.
Three hostels are run by Aravali Vikas trust in Poshina area. The people are called Adivasi Bhils [ Tribals ] settled at Gujarat and Rajasthan boarder, India.
The three such boardings are  in Pipaliya, Padapat, and Bedi villages.
In Bedi village  there are Garasia Tribal people where Girls are not given education and a boarding is running there now.
[Devasia m ]
Cooking in progress

Students have their lunch before going to school

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