Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bhumel Isu Smarak damaged

Bhumel is a historical village in Gujarat Church, The first missionary Rev, Fr. Manuel Xavier Gomes who had come to Mogri, had also come to Bhumel and stayed in a rental house (Book Ref. The History Of Gujarat Church) He spread the Good News in Bhumel and around the villages. Today the same faith has grown and it is now vibrant in Bhumel. 

To help people pray to God people of Bhumel made Isu Smarak at the entrance of Christian Street. which was  today at 12:30 am some one tried to destroy The Holy Cross and the statue of Risen Lord. It was removed from the Isu Smarak and threw  away and they broke the fingers of the statue as seen in the  photos and video. go to 
This incident has made the devotees of Christ angry, as they count, it is an attack on faith and insulting the Lord Christ. 

- BBN 
by Vijay Macwan

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