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"In society, we are always trying to do new things. We live in an endless wave of desire. To come here is to avoid the vicious circle, to live reality, and to live more simply"

Young people from all over the world are preparing, this week, for WYD by participating in different MAGIS experiences

MAGIS, August 12th - Her name is Camille Van der Broek and she is French. After a weekend in Loyola, Camille arrived with a group of French, American and Spanish people at Peñafiel, capital of the Ribera del Duero in Valladolid: a town surrounded by vineyards and wineries with a medieval castle as one of its most distinguishing features. Camille is one of the 3,000 youth participating this week, in more than 100 experiences in Spain, Portugal, southern France and northern Africa, in the Ignatian pastoral programme: MAGIS 2011. Camille talks about her experience with young people from the U.S.A., Spain and France: "I was not sure what we were going to do here. The core of the experience is to discover how the "little world" of this town can enrich us and bring us to live a powerful experience. God reveals himself in a very simple experience. Yesterday, visiting the town and castle, I did not act like a tourist, because the manner in which we are now observing things is different: we have a deeper understanding of the people and look at all things in greater depth". "It's very enriching to see that everyone has a different level of faith, we seek different things without being totally different. Some find God in the other, while others look for God differently; in times of reflection and in the solitude of personal prayer. The greatest part of all of this, is that we have come together to build something that is real. I am finding God in my prayer. This was made known through my experience of God in nature: this discovery renews me. My encounter with God encourages me to seek out others, to see them; and to understand their limitations as well. It is a simple experience that is full of meaning. For this reason; here, in the simple, we see that God is working in this town. "In society ¬- in my city ¬- we are always trying to do new things. We live in an endless wave of desire. To come here is to avoid the vicious circle, to live close to the true reality, and to live more simply."

In this unique enclave of wine and Spanish history, Camille shares what she has been living: "My path to faith is recent. I came to MAGIS 2011 looking for God, but without really expecting anything. Of course, I felt attracted to Ignatian spirituality, and wanted to live it more deeply." "The days in Loyola were intense: meeting many people. It was a meeting that only made sense if seen in the context of God. This is because, as in so many other such gatherings, people come and go at such a rapid pace. Thus, what I most remember is the times of prayer, Mass and Eucharistic adoration. A gathering, such as was held in Loyola, is special: people also get together for events like the Olympics or a mass demonstration; but this is different, because of God's presence - witnessed, too, in the other people that gathered there. In Loyola, I learned to see my own limits and those of others. Moreover, I learned that I need to work on how I am in the presence of others; because the love of God is found among God's people."

Antonio Miranda, SJ, the spiritual guide for the experience in Peñafiel, explains: "It has been a great surprise, for all of us, to experience the hospitality of this land and its people. It sounds like a cliché, but we are getting much more than we give. The wine museum, the Castle of Peñafiel, knowing the culture of nearby villages such as Curiel, eating at a winery and sharing songs and poems with the elderly here: these are moments of joy, presence of God, and of living the greatness of simplicity. This is an atypical experience; and maybe that's its charm; but what we are sure of, is that the little ones are the blessed of Lord; and we have to become like children ... or elderly people, to share the dream of God".

3,000 young people will arrive on 15 August 2011, in Madrid. They will all sleep in the school Nuestra Sra. del Recuerdo in Madrid. On that Monday at 6:30p.m., the Provincial of Spain will celebrate a Mass to begin the week at WYD.

You can find a press section on the web where you can download pictures from this experience and other materials.

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