Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comment on Dangi Vyakaran of Raymund Chauhan sj

Shree Dahyabhai Vadhu is  a Dangi himself who is employed in the State bank of India, Shamgahan, at the foot of the Saputara hills, Ahwa-Dangs, Gujarat, India. He is fully engrossed in Dangi Language and Culture. He is quiet, soft-spoken and humble by nature. Though Mr. Vadhu is lovingly committed to the overall growth of his own family in the Dangs, he has a great desire to do everything possible, at the national and international levels, for his own Dangi Society. He has already contributed, by his research, to the stories and myths in Kokana Language. His researched compilation of this kind has drawn the attention of the tribal scholars world over.
Raymund Chauhan sj
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