Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gujarat Jesuits - Film : Under Preparation

Bishop Francis Braganza sj
Yoseph Macwan Kavi
Isudas Cueli sj
RR Parmar
Gurjarvani staff started with the long and comprehensive interviews on 7th Feb 2011 of Francis Braganza former Bishop of Vadodara, Educator and former Provincial of Gujarat Jesuit Province, and Isudas Cueli the person behind the translation of Sampoorna Bible in Gujarati with the help of Nagindas Parikh and Yoseph Kavi, and RR Parmar. Isudas has  a number of other books in Gujarati. Yoseph wrote all the psalms in beautiful poetry, and RR Parmar read the proofs of all the editions of  the Bible, gave the titles for the passages in the Bible, and Translated the Liturgical books from English to Gujarati.
The film will be ready by the Middle of April 2011
look up this blog for updates.
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