Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fr Kraj remembered.

Fr Kulandairaj sj or Kraj as he was known in St Xavier's college, Ahmedabad, India, died of a heart attack on 31st Aug night. He was 49 years old. He had a pain in the chest on 30th Aug and was taken to the house doctor who suggested that he goes for an ECG. Fr Kraj said that he will try the medicine given by the doctor and wait till morning for the ECG. By three in the morning he expired of a heart attack.
Three bishops and a very large number of priests and students from the college and people from the parishes attended the funeral held at 4.30 pm. Fr Raj's parents, two brothers,
one sister and husband were present with some other friends from his native village in Tamilnadu. India. Kraj was the director of Xavier Institute of Computer Applications situated in the St. Xavier's College campus, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
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